Sofa Materials : Foams / Rexine / Tacks / Adhesives / Sofa Springs / Hessian Cloth / Jute Webbing

  • Polyurethane Foam, popularly known as U Foam after the company which brought it to India in 1959 is the mainstay of the Upholstery and Mattress industry.The main feature of this product is its economical price vis a vis other natural and manmade products such as Latex Rubber, Rubberized Coir and Natural Cotton. Secondly, U Foam is completely safe and moldable into any product the human mind can imagine. Be it chairs, sofas, mattress, divans or a bharatiya bethak, U Foam has found a pride of place in every home in India and around the world. Available in various densities ranging from 10 to 50, companies such as Sleepwell, Centuary, Kurlon and Sweet Dreams have all grown thanks to this Foam.
  • Rexine is the trademark name for an artificial leather cloth fabric produced in the United Kingdom. It was made of cloth coated with a mixture of cellulose nitrate, camphor oil and alcohol, and embossed to look like leather. Modern day Rexine is actually called to those Coated Cotton Fabrics which are freely available in the market, most commonly used as an upholstery fabric for automobile seats, sofas and chairs in offices and residences and for popular accessories such as womens purses, shoes and mens belts and wallets. Thus Rexine is a ubiquitous material used for many purposes.
  • Shoe Tacks as they were used in the making of leather boots, have found better use in the upholstery and sofa industry. Hippo Tacks is a very well known Indian Brand, which is safe enough for the craftsmen and sofa artists to put into their mouth while working on a sofa set, because of its widespread requirement and since the craftsmen have the cloth in one hand and the hammer in another.
  • After Tacks the second most required product by the upholstery industry is the adhesive to ensure good sticking of the foam, coir, rubber or whatever base is used between the solid wooden frame and the upper fabric. Fevicol, Texobond, Polygrip and Speb-7 are some of the popular Local Brands available with us for this purpose.
  • The Bonnel Spring or the Dumroo Spring in the local dialect is the reason that granny's sofa outlasted all those years. Made from tempered and hardened steel wires, sofa springs have travelled a long way to give that quality cushioning effect to our sofa sets and seating systems in India and elsewhere. We stock various varieties of sofa springs, namely; Bonnel or Dumroo, Serpentine or Zigzag, Coil or Jalebi are some of the popular varieties.
  • Kintan or Jute Cloth or Burlap Cloth is all synonymous with Hessian Cloth which is used inside the Sofa Sets and seating systems in India and around the world. Hessian separates the sofa springs from the foam cushioning and prevents the springs from breaking out of formation. Various qualities of Hessian are available of which Canvas Hessian is the best.
  • The Newar Patti or webbing works in tandem with or without the sofa spring to bring the cushioning effect. The webbing is hammered into the solid wooden frame to assist in carrying the weight of the springs and/or the foam, and ultimately the user of that sofa set. Therefore good quality of the newar patti goes a long way in ensuring the health of the sofa set.
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